• Airstream
    • International 685

      International 685

      5 Berth
      Shipping Length 8.25m, Width 2.5M
      MTPLM (lower limit) 2499kg

      Room for everyone to escape to new places, family touring has never been so luxurious or cool.

    • International 684 Studio

      International 684 Studio

      4 Berth
      Shipping length 8.25m, Width 2.5m
      MTPLM (lower limit) 2499kg

      “The Airstream STUDIO is the ultimate work and leisure vehicle, ideal for home workers and corporate events”.

    • International 684

      International 684

      4 Berth
      Shipping Length 8.25m, Width 2.5M / 2.3M
      MTPLM (lower limit) 2399kg (2.3M)/ 2499kg (2.5M).

      "The award winning 684 flagship model. Now we have made the ultimate travel trailer even better – the Series 2, available now"

    • International 604

      International 604

      3 Berth
      Shipping length 7.6m, Width 2.29m
      MTPLM (lower limit) 2000kg

      “New for 2013, the eagerly-awaited 604 is a smaller lighter twin axle European Airstream that can be towed by the latest eco-friendly 4x4s. ”.

    • International 534

      International 534

      4 Berth
      Shipping Length 6.8m, Width 2.3m
      MTPLM 1700kg

      See the world mirrored in an Airstream’s gleaming skin. “At the beach you get the blue;  in the woods you get the green”

  • Eriba
  • T@B
    • L400 TD3

      L400 TD3

      3 berth Shipping length 5.71m, width 2.24m MTPLM 1300kg (incl. + 100kg option increase)

      The brilliantly designed range topping L400TD, sure to be a modern icon

    • 320 Off Road

      320 Off Road

      2 berth Shipping length 4.84m, width 2.24m MTPLM 1000kg

      Designed to go anywhere, where will you take yours?

    • 320 RS

      320 RS

      2 berth Shipping length 4.77m, width 1.99m MTPLM 800kg

      The ultimate compact teardrop trailer

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